Welcome to the Applecross Forum website

All who care about Applecross, whether residents, holiday home owners or visitors, are very welcome to attend and contribute to Forum meetings. 

The proposed meeting of the Applecross Forum on Wednesday 1st April has been postponed indefinitely.

Statement from Kathrine Mackie, 16.3.’20

My apologies to anyone who has been waiting for a response from me to their emails.  I have been watching the developing advice regarding the current coronavirus as I am sure many people are.  This morning I contacted our local GP Dr Duffy to ask for her advice about the holding of the Forum on 1st April.  I suppose I already knew what she would say but I thought that it was best to seek some medical advice.  As expected her advice was not to proceed given the potential risk to many of the population in Applecross.  She anticipated that formal advice was likely to be more strict in the coming weeks.  The most recent government advice this evening confirms her view.  Social contact should be restricted.

In these circumstances I have decided that the meeting on 1st April should be postponed.  It is not clear when the situation will improve sufficiently to allow these restrictions to be removed so no future date can be determined now.  Clearly I will be keeping this under review.

In the meantime I intend that the work agreed upon at the last meeting should continue albeit most of it will need to be done via technology.  I will be giving consideration as to how best to communicate more widely as we proceed recognising that not everyone has access to or is comfortable with electronic communications. 

While the situation is frustrating given the stage we have reached in considering how to deal with the Community Fund the health and welfare of our community is much more important.

Many thanks for everyone’s understanding in these difficult times.

Kathrine EC Mackie, Chair (Kathrine.mackie@btclick.com; 0131 667 5488/01520 744 317)
Tom O’Halloran, Vice Chair (thomas_ohalloran@hotmail.com)
Elaine Glover, Secretary (01520 744461; thomo@hotmail.co.uk

The Agenda for Forum meetings will be published on local notice boards and on this website. Suggested items for the Agenda should be discussed with one of the working group, Tom O’Halloran, Forum Vice Chairman, Elaine Glover, Secretary, Gill Fairweather, Jon Glover, Sue Groocock, Owen Kilbride, Jackie Liuba, Duncan McCowan, Jess Whistance and Fiona McKenzie. Alternately, they can be sent by e mail to applecrossforum@hotmail.com.


The working group was formed from volunteers at the Forum launch public meeting in November, 2017. In December a letter was sent to 40 Applecross businesses and organisations inviting them to be represented on the working group. The list of the 40 recipients and the letter can be accessed via  the links below.




The Applecross Forum is an exciting new development which will facilitate regular, beneficial and ongoing communication between all stakeholders in Applecross. Such a Forum, believed to be innovative in the Highland context, will provide a completely open platform for dialogue with the Applecross Trust in which all members of our Community will be welcome to take part.

It is hoped that such dialogue will help us all to build an increasingly resilient community. The Forum will meet four times a year, and will be attended by representatives of the Applecross Trust. We hope many members of our community including representatives of a wide range of Applecross organisations and businesses will participate.

The idea of the Forum was born out of the Community Consultation exercise carried out by Strath Caulaidh Ltd, in 2016, and developed by 19 volunteers who, in March 2017, formed the original working group. For more information about how the Forum has come to be formed and how it will work see the “Background” and “Workings” pages of this website.

One of the tasks of the working group was to prepare a “Shared (Community) Vision” in parallel to the Trust’s “Estate Plan” for 2017-’26. These can be viewed via the “Shared Vision” and “Estate Plan” pages of the website.