Welcome to the Applecross Forum website

All who care about Applecross, whether residents, holiday home owners or visitors, are very welcome to attend and contribute to Forum meetings. 

The planned April meeting was postponed in response to the pandemic – please see note below from Kathrine Mackie,



The coronavirus has forced many changes on us all.  Some of these continue to prove very challenging and concerning for the future.  Others offer opportunities to be reflective and to do things differently.  While the “lockdown” is likely to be eased shortly it is still going to be some time before we can consider gathering together in the Village Hall for a meeting of the Forum.  Following the last meeting at the beginning of March Fiona Mackenzie and I undertook to do more work on the two issues which have bedevilled meetings for some time now, namely how to deal with the community fund and how the Forum should operate.  Papers on these subjects have been prepared and can be accessed via the links below.

NOTE ON FORUM 26.5.’20


I hope you will give these papers due consideration.  I appreciate that in the absence of an open meeting discussion is difficult.  However, there has been much discussion over many months.  I have given some thought to holding a meeting using technology, as has been happening with other organisations.  Although not ideal it can be done.  I would suggest, however, that it is time to make decisions.  In saying that I do not intend that there is no scope for raising queries or making comments.  Anyone who wishes to can do so using the under noted email addresses or by communicating with those in Applecross, always bearing in mind the requirement for physical distancing.

In the hope that these papers offer a way forward acceptable to most people, I would be grateful for nominations, firstly, for the shadow Trustees (see Community Fund paper) and, secondly, for the Advisory Group (see Note on Forum). Nominations should be given to Elaine Glover no later than 15th June 2020.

Thank you for your time and commitment.

Stay safe.

Kathrine E C Mackie,

Kathrine EC Mackie, Chair, Kathrine.mackie@btclick.com; 0131 667 5488/01520 744 317)
Fiona McKenzie, fionatoscaig@btinternet.com, 01520 744271

Elaine Glover, Secretary thomo461@gmail.com, 01520 744461