Estate Plan

Details of the Trust’s plan for the next decade are given below. When the Working Group reviewed the plan it was felt that it fitted very closely with the Community Shared Vision and included many objectives that have long been desired by the Community.


The new estate plan will run from November 2017- 2027. An interim review will be conducted in 2022, with a full review complete by Nov 2027. Key elements include:


  • DISCUSSION FORUM: Help to set up the new Forum / Attend Forum meetings / Help deliver Shared Vision with other local organisations

  • TRUST MEETINGS: Hold at least 2 main Trustee meetings p.a. in Applecross / Invite Forum representation at the Trustee meetings (Forum Chairperson & 1 other)

  • NEW TRUSTEES: Appoint 2 new Trustees immediately (numbers up to 6) / Ensure minimum 6 Trustees on board / Review Trustee number & composition in 2020


  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROJECT: Identify land for new project (e.g. opposite the village hall?) / Sell land* for the project to a willing developer (e.g. HSCHT?)

  • PRIVATE HOUSE PLOTS: Identify plots suitable for private housing development (e.g. at Keppoch) / Sell land* at market value (local bidders given first refusal)

  • POLICY FOR RESIDENTIAL LETS: Develop clear policy to ensure local people understand how to apply for Trust residential tenancies


  • NEW ‘HUB’ BUILDING: Help explore options for a new Community Hub (e.g. shops/offices/visitor centre) (Steading is a potential site; or explore other options)

  • CAR PARKING: Help explore the need for new car parking (e.g. in association with a new Hub) / Construct as and when required

  • SIGNAGE / FOOTPATHS: Explore options for standard signage across estate / Explore options for new strategic footpaths (e.g. The Street to the school)


  • OFFICES: Identify locations for new offices (e.g. Old Smithy, or within a new hub) / Renovate buildings as required

  • OTHER PREMISES: Identify buildings or land for local business to use (e.g. Clachan store, sawmill area) & renovate as required / Identify land for community allotments

  • BUSINESS SUPPORT: Work with the Discussion Forum and the wider community to identify ways to further support entrepreneurial activity in Applecross


  • FARM: Maintain current approach until 2020 then review / Explore options for local entrepreneur to process & sell Highland beef (retail and/or wholesale)

  • DEER MANAGEMENT: Let out stalking until 2020 (with Applecross House) / Review long-term options in 2020

  • WOODLANDS: Explore community initiatives (e.g. woodland crofts) / Convert poorer plantations to native woods (10yrs+) / Make firewood & timber available

  • CULTURAL HERITAGE: Maintain ALPS sites as required / Renovate key old buildings (e.g. Steading, Old Smithy) / Review options for Applecross House from 2020

  • SCIENCE & EDUCATION: Identify partners (e.g. a university) to catalogue & monitor biodiversity / Explore options to create new interpretation boards for visitors

* Note: Receipts from land sales will be added to a new fund to be made available to invest in community-based projects (e.g. a new Community Hub). The minimum annual commitment to this fund will match the Trust’s rental income from the Community Hydro scheme